Vets Discounts 

The following businesses are known to offer a military discount to those able to show a military ID. We request feedback to ensure that though at the time this is published, these businesses offer the discount listed, that the discount can change and/or cease without notice. We appreciate all assistance in maintaining an up to date and current listing of those businesses that truly support our military.

Machine Gun Bebe

Claim Jumpers - 15% military discount

IHOP - 10%  military discount

Kids Supercenter - Las Vegas Premium Outlets South (Belts) Mall 10% military discount

Jason's Deli - 10% military discount

Home Depot - 10% military discount

Autozone - 10% military discount

Chili's - 10% military discount

Savers - 10% military discount each Tuesday

Zaragoza's Jewelry - Boulevard Mall - 10% military discount w/ID

Applebe's - 10% discount for military members in uniform.

Egg Works/Egg and I - 30% discount for military member with their ID, only the military member gets the discount.

Autozone - Offers a 10% discount to those with a military ID, however the discount doesn't apply to often purchased items like oil or transmission fluid.

King Putt - Military get $1.50 off of the price of admission

*Be aware that an ID must be shown in all instances even though one is not always asked for, unless otherwise specifically stated



The VFW does not endorse any of the individuals or organizations listed on our links page. Those listed on this page are providers of services to veterans. Anyone who is a veteran may avail themselves of the services mentioned.

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